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Using a green car wash

Washing your car at home wastes a lot of water and results in contaminated water entering the water ways, so it is best to use a car wash instead, and preferably a green car wash.

Washing your car at home wastes a lot of water and can pollute the environment, unless you use a product that lets you do a waterless car wash.

If you wash your car at home, the water will run into the storm drains. After water has washed a car, it typically contains gasoline, oil and other contaminants. At a car wash, the waste water goes into the sewer, where it is treated to remove contaminants. In addition, washing a car at home typically uses at least twice as much water as an automatic car wash.

Now some areas are lucky enough to have green car washes available. These green car washes conserve water and energy, and often use biodegradable, natural cleaning products.

If you are going to wash your car at home, there is a green alternative: the waterless car wash. This method uses buffing without any water. When opting for a waterless car wash, look for a cleaner that is made out of organic and natural ingredients instead of chemicals.