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Vote for strong environmental policies

Part of your lifestyle is how you vote, so part of living a green lifestyle is voting for green politicians or strong environmental policies.

Voting for politicians who promise strong environmental policies and holding them accountable is an important part of living a green lifestyle.

Pay close attention to environmental issues, and listen to what political candidates have to say about them. Also, if there is a referendum on an environmental issue, inform yourself and try to make the best decision for the environment.
If you believe that a politician will do a good job at advocating and implementing environmental policy, then consider voting for him or her. Too often, the issues are framed such that you can either have a strong economy or a healthy environment. More enlightened politicians understand that jobs can be created through the growth of green industries, and that while some jobs might be lost from the old economy, the new green economy can replace those lost jobs.

While you shouldn’t ignore the rest of a politician’s platform or focus exclusively on their environmental agenda, their stand on environmental issues should be a very important consideration in your decision on whom to vote for.

If you help to elect a politician who is a strong advocate of environmental protection, pay attention to what they do once they are in office. Do they follow through on their promises? Few politicians keep all of their promises, but they should at least keep some of them. If they disappoint you with their action, or lack of action on environmental issues, then consider voting for someone else next time around.

If you want to go a step further, you can volunteer to help the campaigns of green politicians.