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Make green investments


Most people need to make investment decisions in order to finance their retirement, and those decisions have an impact on the environment, so when you invest, try make green investments.

Making green investments is another way of supporting the greening of the economy.

Whether you are investing in real estate, stocks, mutual funds, or start up ventures, your investment dollars can make a real positive difference. Thanks to growing demand from investors, there are now a plethora of green and ethical investment funds to choose from. Green and ethical funds make an effort to invest in companies that are environmentally responsible, and avoid investing in companies that have a very adverse effect on the environment. Many of these funds boast excellent performance too, so you don’t necessarily have to sacrifice your return on investment in order to invest with a conscience.

As with any investment, it is best to discuss it with a financial advisor you trust first. You should review the performance history of any green fund, to see how well it performs during both bull and bear markets.

If you are a seasoned investor, you may be comfortable picking your own individual stocks, and this will give you ultimate control over where your investment dollars go. There are many opportunities in green industries such as the renewable energy sector.