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Wear your clothes more than once before you wash them

Most people think that you should only wear clothing for one day before it gets washed. Unless you are sweating a lot, or stain your clothes, you can wear them for two days or more before you wash them, with the exception of underwear and socks, which should be changed daily.

By wearing clothing more than once before washing, you can save energy, water and reduce detergent consumption.

By following the unwritten rule or wearing clothing only once before it gets washed, people end up using more energy and water than they should, since they run the washing machine more than they have to. Following this rule also means that more detergent gets used than is necessary. Another reason washing clothes less frequently is good for the environment is that your clothes will last longer, because washing them slowly wears them down, and sometimes shrinks them.

A good way to wear the same clothes twice before washing is to wait three to four days before wearing it again. That way you maintain variety in your style. For example, if you wear a pair of pants on Sunday, you might wear them again on Wenesday or Thursday.