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Saving energy

Saving energy is extremely important for the health of the environment, since it prevents greenhouse gas emissions, smog, acid rain, nuclear waste and toxic pollution. Here you will find saving energy tips you can put to use in your daily life.

What is this website about?

We develop visions of Sustainable development that include developed and developing countries, all modes of mobility and all aspects of sustainability. This is supplemented with substantial approaches on the fields where we as people and companies can make a difference.

Why torrefy biomass ?

Biomass transportation has a high economical and ecological cost. Biomass, used as raw material, is space consuming and has a low energetic density – which makes it costly to transport, from both ecological and economical standpoints.
With a view to limit the economical and ecological impacts of transportation, an alternative to the direct valorisation of biomass consists in its pre-conditioning on delocalised sites, near collection points, in order to ensure its pre-treatment and energetic densification before transportation towards centralised transformation or utilisation units. To sum up, biomass should be valued on site to be exploitable in energetic applications, with an aim to concentrate the initial energy content. Torrefy the biomass close to the source.

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